Prices charged for translations
Because we wish to offer only competitive prices, we adjust the according to customer’s specifications while providing excellent quality translations, carried out with professionalism and competence .

Price authorized translation
- Price authorized English translations : between 30 to 35 lei / page *

* Pricing starts at 1 page minimum, calculated at 2000 characters plus spaces, A4 format. The final pricing considers the number of pages resulted in the language of the translation.
Price specialized translations
- Price authorized English translation : between 30 to 35 lei / page *
* in the assessment of a translation's cost, are taken into account the number of pages to be translated , the translation field ( here applies the a differentiated tariff according to the degree of difficulty ), deadline , the previous collaboration ( repeated orders ) , etc. .
Price translations of standard documents :
- Romanian - English , English - Romanian - 30 lei / standard page *
* This service is charged per one standard page , regardless of the number of characters.
Price certified translations :

- 50 lei + VAT/ the first copy and 10 lei / each additional copy
Price urgent translations :
For this service is applied a tariff between 50 - 100% + the cost of the translation according to the number of pages. The total cost of a translation is calculated according to the criteria listed below.
- For a translation required in a very short time (1-8 hours - during working hours of the day the order was placed ) applies an emergency fee of 100 % , depending on the difficulty and volume of the document.
- For a translation with a large number of pages (over 10 ) required for the next day early in the morning applies an emergency fee of 50%, which adds to the total cost of translation.
Price Collation ( Proofreading )
For this service (verifying or correcting an existing translation ) applies a fee between 50-100 % of the price charged on that language per page , depending on the difficulty of document, the translation volume and deadline and the degree of proofreading of the text.
Typing service is free of charge so as the source text is provided in Word format. If the document has a different format , an additional fee of 1 leu / page will be charged.
Prices English Interpreting
Interpreting  Price per hour : 300 lei . *
* The rate for interpreting services is calculated per hour or day and depends on the following : the degree of difficulty and specialization of the language , the allotted time and place of the event .
For interpreting services at the signing ceremony of marriage or notarial acts, is established a price per hour.
At business meetings , conferences, trainings, presentations etc . price is set per day.
The maximum interpreting time is 6 hours. For periods exceeding this time, will be charged a fee of 20% in addition to baseline.
Time counted as interpreting service runs from the moment the translator/ interpreter is available to the client.
* Interpreting services are available only in the municipality of Bucharest and surroundings .
System of price calculation of translations:
 For any type of translation , minimum pricing starts at 1 standard page , regardless of the number of characters. Translation standard page = 2000 characters plus spaces, A4 format . In determining the final price of the translation, it will be taken into account the amount of material to be translated, the text (degree of difficulty) , deadline , the client's previous history with our translation office, with / without authentication , etc. 
For translations made ​​from a foreign language into another , in determining the final cost, is taken into account the above criteria , plus the charge for each language .
For a quote , send the text you want to translate at our contact or request a customized quote , providing as many details about the translation services you need (the language in which the document is written and the language in which the translation will be made, the format you wish the document to be delivered , deadline , with / without notarization , number of copies) .
For companies with which a long-term collaboration can be established, are granted discounts for translations on repetitive texts , depending on the volume of work and the period of collaboration,etc.
Opening hours : Monday - Friday, from 9 to 18 , phone : +40 737 80 99 52 , e- mail: or you can request a quote using the form " request offer" .