Specialized Translations

Our translation services cover not only the consistency of the content, but also the precise rendering of the source text’s message, adapting it to the specific linguistic and cultural idioms of the translation language. A good translator must render faithfully the informational message, respecting rigorously and correctness the style and identity elements specific to each type of text and information.

We have available a wide range of specialized translations in various fields at competitive prices without influencing the quality, essential in this area.
We offer translation services in areas such as:
- Legal - specialized translations for documents such as powers of attorney, declarations, legal correspondence , citations , legislation , judgments, etc. . Legal translations require a high degree of accuracy and a thorough knowledge of the legal system appropriate to the translation language. Due to the sensitivity of this area, we work only with translators which have the ability and knowledge to perform translation, respecting professionally the terminology requirements in this area in which an ambiguous term or a simple mistake leaves room for interpretation .
- Economic - examples of authorized translations: accounting documents , insurance policies , commercial contracts , annual reports, etc. . Economic Papers contain a specialized language, having terms, definitions and concepts that contain many figures. But, because the additional information are also precious, our translators familiarized with specific terms, ensure the quality and accuracy of the translation to render faithfully the information from the original document of economic translations.
- Financial - banking - specialized translations for documents such as audit reports, monthly / annual financial reports, letters of guarantee / bank information , bank statements, leases / loans / commercial contracts, financial documents , etc.. These document contain a specialized language and specific terms, which imply precise terminology that requires experienced specialists to adapt the text to the language idiosyncrasies. 
- Commercial - examples of Commercial translations: contracts of any type, reports / financial statements , various documents of companies , tax records , etc. . This service includes translation of various printed documents, therefore all commercial translation require translators specialized in terminology used in business, which can ensure consistency of the translation and can render correctly the information into the target language.
- Medical - we translate medical articles, pharmaceutical presentations, booklets medical drugs, equipment manuals, etc. . Medical translations require the preserve of the unity of language and specific terminology in the various medical specialties available, so managing documents and information in this delicate area, must be linked in such a way that the final result of the translation to complies with the quality standards of the translation process, maintaining consistency and using proper terminology.
- IT – we provide specialized translation services for websites in various areas, various tutorials / menus, assistance / maintenance / operation manuals of IT products, etc.. IT area is extremely complex and present in our live , simplifying our work and ease our life, and as technology advances every day, it is necessary that the IT translation projects to be handled by translators with advanced knowledge of software and hardware, which can render professionally this innovative area with specific terminology.
- Auto - translation of auto papers and marketing materials, product sheets, catalogs, etc.. Compliance with the specific terminology and faithful rendering of the meaning while preserving the linguistic peculiarities are essential in providing quality translation services in the automotive field, which has been and will always be current.
- Construction – we provide translation services for design documentation, product data sheet / catalogs, construction legislation, etc.. Construction translations require specialized translation because it is a domain with specific terminology, the precision being an essential quality in rendering the exact meaning of information during translation. Due to the high degree of difficulty, our translators besides experience, also use glossaries / technical dictionaries of specific terms / TMs to render the exact meaning of the translation in the target language.
- Technical - certified translation services for operating / maintenance manuals, marketing and presentation materials, compliance certificates, etc.. The specialized documents in the technical translations field are characterized usually by a very high degree of difficulty, and therefore our translators specialize in this area and perform translations on your projects in a professional manner, preserving the terminology consistency ensuring correct and consistent translation.
- Literary - we offer quality translation services in any fiction field, children's books , encyclopedias, magazines, etc. . In literary translations besides a large vocabulary, creative talent and imagination of the translator, a particular attention to details it is also required in order to coherently render the message of the work, keeping unaltered the nuances of language, details and fluidity of speech in the original text.
- Human resources - specialized translation services for work / collaboration / service provisions contracts, domestic / organization / operation regulation, privacy policies, etc.. As the human resources department ensures the smooth running of a company, translation services on human resources will support the company's message spread both inside and outside, to manage the most important resource, the employees, and also helps the company to evolve.
- Translations of various documents - auto / marital status papers, diplomas, commercial / work / service provision contracts. This type of translation involves, generally, printed documents with specialized terminology. Therefore, our translators, in addition to specialized knowledge, have access to various materials in order to provide accurate translation of specific terms.
- Translations in any specialty area that is not listed in the list above.
For a price estimate as correct as possible, we can be contacted by phone: +40 737 80 99 52, e- mail: contact@astraduceri.ro or you can request a quote by clicking the " request offer" available on our site.