Urgent Translations

Price urgent translations English
By urgent translation we understand that a translation is completed in a time period between 1 hour and 24 hours.
Such translations are under special regime. Since they require completion in a relatively short period of time, they must be managed with great attention, the pressure and expectations being quite high. Hence the additional fees charged for this service.
The cost of this service is calculated according to the translation specifications:
- An urgent translation requested in a relatively short time ( a few hours, until the end of normal working hours ) is charged with an additional fee of 100 % of the translation normal price.
 - An urgent translation of a volume over 10 pages requested within 24 hours since the order was placed, is charged with an additional fee of 50% of the translation cost.
* Price Urgent English translations from 30 lei per page.
* Minimum Pricing starts from a page, regardless of the number of characters.
* The price of standard pages is calculated to 2000 characters with spaces, A4 format in the target language ( for an estimate it can be use Word Count feature in Microsoft Word / Tools).
* Standard documents such as civil status documents, certificates, certificates, diplomas will be charged at 1 page standard.
* The above prices are indicative and are not for legal, technical translations, medical, or any other specialized field.
* Translations in specialized areas require customized price quotes for each order in part, due to the difficulty of the area in which the translation is made, deadline, number of pages, previous collaboration client, etc.  depending on which the final price is determined.

The price of urgent translations varies depending on the text of the document to be translated, deadline and volume.
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