The professionalism, adaptability, flexibility, accuracy and reliability are essential qualities for any translator, and for any translation office that wants to establish itself in the market with quality services. Therefore we adapt according to the requirements and we provide the following services for both natural persons and legal persons:
- Specialized translations from / into Romanian - English and English - Romanian.
- Simple translations - are the transposition of texts from one language to another / from the source language into the target language in various areas , which can be retrieved and delivered in any format ( e.g., electronic, printed ) agreed with the client in advance, that does not require certification by an authorized translator and legalized by a notary public.
- Authorized translations - translation services for any type of document, authenticated by the stamp and signature of the translator, certifying compliance with the original translation.
- Certified translations - translations authorized by the translator by conventional procedures and bearing in addition the notarial which certifies that the translator is authorized by the Ministry of Justice and has authority to certify translations in the respective language.
- Specialized translations - translation services from / into various specialized areas, made by authorized translators having language skills acquired through education / experience and who have the ability to meet the terminology specific to each area of ​​interest .
- Interpreting for events - interpreting and / or translation to and from Romanian - English or English - Romanian, providing communication within different events such as conferences, seminars, exhibitions, business meetings, trainings, etc. .
- Interpreting for the notary - professional interpretation / translation to / from English of documents that require notarization such as leases, pre-contracts / agreements of sale, powers of attorney, declarations and so on, which will be interpreted entirely under oral form to the customer in the presence of a notary public.
- Interpreting for marital status - specialized interpreting / translating for the civil marriage ceremony between a Roman citizen and a citizen of Nationality English nevorbitor Romanian language.
- Translator/interpreter for the police station - professional interpretation / translation for English
* If necessary, our interpreters provide support for English nationality citizens, for various activities involving presentation at a police station , for example , the completion of official statements and / or to make any complaints, etc. .
Rates for interpretation are 300 lei / hour.
* Prices for interpreting to events is set per day and is negotiable.
- Graphics processing (DTP - Desktop Publishing) - processing the existing graphic information in the original document ( tables, graphs, etc.. ) so that the translated document to fully respect the original format.
- Collation - proofreading or verifying the documents already translated, so as to confirm that they are in accordance with the original document and follow the rules of grammar, syntax and vocabulary for the language in which the translation was made.
* For this service we charge a tax of 50 % / page of the translation price available for the proofreading language.
- Free Print - Printing the translated text is included in the price for all types of translations and is made on the support previously agreed on with the client .
* Free delivery service - Sending and / or delivery of the documents to be translated can be made more easily through email or fax.
* The documents can also be delivered by courier for a fee of  20 - 25 lei, that is paid by the customer upon receipt.
- Notarization - upon customer request we also provide the notarization of translations, at the price of 50 lei +VAT/ act, first copy and 10 lei / each additional copyc, fees which are added to the total cost of translation.