Notarized Translations

In the first instance, a translation is authorized by the translator who made that translation, by applying to final completion , signature and stamp, which turns it into a certified translation.
Subsequently, the authorized translation is certified by applying the stamp and signature of the public notary, which transforms it into a certified translation.
* A certified translation is the translation authenticated by the stamp and signature of a notary public , which confirms the authority of the translator to perform the translations in the respective language. By legalizing the translation, the correctness of the content of the translated document it is not verified or certified by a notary public, he only certifies the translator’s competence to perform translations in that language, the translator being the one who assumes compliance of the translation with the original document.
Under the new regulations regarding translations announced by the Notaries’ Public Chambers, the certification of a document can be completed only if at the time of the legalization, the original document is presented. In this sense, the translation shall be attached a copy of the original upon which the translation was made and documents by which we translate, documents will be kept in the archives of the notary office.
To streamline and expedite the completion of translation, but also to save time, to be translated documents can be scanned and sent via email or fax and the original shall be presented only when legalizing the translation.
Good to know: In the event that you request a translation which later requires legalization, to the necessary time allotted to the translation will add the time for the legalization depending on the notary public’s schedule . For this reason, if you want an estimate of the delivery deadline for a translation that requires authentication, you must have in mind that the notary offices are generally scheduled between 10.00 and 16.00, Monday to Thursday and Friday have reduced hours. Also, during the holidays, notary offices are generally closed.
Prices certification English translations:
Notary fees charged for this service are 50 lei + VAT/ first document and 10 lei/ each copy.
We provide certified translation services for any document that requires authentication.

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