Certified English Translations

To ensure that you benefit of qualitative translations, it is recommended to work only with certified translators , especially if the documents you want to translate are considered as official and later require authentication!
A certified translation is the translation made ​​exclusively by a translator authorized by the Ministry of Justice, the only institution in Romania authorized to attest the ability of a translator to certify any type of translation, i.e. to apply their stamp and signature on the document translated.
We have available translation services to / from Romanian - English, English - Romanian, performed only by translators who have the quality of  being authorized translators by the Ministry of Justice. All of our translators, in addition to this permit, are licensed in foreign languages, having specialized studies in the language of the translation services .
Translation of official documents requires great accuracy in contrast to other types of translation, because translation of a document considered official, must not only comply with the rules of grammar and syntax of the language in which they are translate to, but also to be fit culturally . Therefore , translation of official documents require extremely good knowledge of the original language and of the target language . But the knowledge of a foreign language is not enough to translate texts in/form a specialized field, therefore,  a good translator must be able not only to convey the full information in the target language , but also to express the nuances of language, without changing the meaning or content, and the translated text complies with the information of the original text.

Therefore, we provide a team of professional translators authorized by the Ministry of Justice, the only institution in Romania authorized to certify translators. Our translators, in addition to the translator authorization, are moreover graduates of an university specializing in foreign languages, having specialized studies in the language that we offer translation services in.
A certified translation is stamped and signed by the translator who made it, which attest his ability to perform translations on the respective language and is also a guarantee of the translation’s quality.

Translation prices:

- English - between 30 - 35 lei per page

Pricing applies to at least one page / document.

The price of a translation is calculated at a standard page of 2,000 characters plus spaces, in A4 format. The final price is calculated based on the number of pages resulted in the language in which the translation was made. * For translations made ​​from the source language into the target language , is applied the specific rate for each language.

* In the case of an estimate , the price is purely informative . The calculation is based on the criteria above. Usually , the offer does not differ from the final price of the translation.

Price English translations for printed documents:

- 30 lei / page *

* for this type of translation, the price displayed is per standard page, regardless of the number of characters per page

Price specialized English translation:

- Between 30 and 35 lei / page *

* The final price of a translation is determined according to the volume of the translated material (for which an additional discount applies), the text to be translated (the difficulty of the document sets out the amount per page), deadline (urgent or normal translation), client’s previous history with our translation office, with / without authentication, etc. .

Price certified English translations:

- for the certification of a translation applies a fee of 50 lei + VAT/ first document and 10 lei / each additional copy. This cost is added to the final price of the translation.

Price Urgent English translations:

- Starting price is 30 lei / page, plus a differentiated rate of between 50 and 100 % depending on the type of the translation. *

* For a translation with a short deadline ( during the working day in which the order was unveiled ) applies an emergency fee of 100 % of the translation.

* For a translation with a volume of over 10 pages , requested during the next working day, applies a charge of 50% of the translation.

Contact price offer English translations:

- phone:  +40 737 80 99 52.

- email: contact@astraduceri.ro.

- ask for a customized offer by clicking the " request offer" option.

- contact us via the contact form available on the site.